IK team member

Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA


 IK: Now and always open for applications for representatives from all educational institutions of graduation degree allover INDIA.Incentives will be discussed when you apply with your resume.

         The resume should be sent to 7iknowledge@gmail.com 
If you donot have a resume try filling this form and fill the same details into a .doc file and upload it as resume

 No Dead line

As soon as you sign up for intern by emailing us you will get a confirmation with important details like payment method and rate,

For queries drop a email at 7iknowledge@gmail.com or comment in fb.me/ikorg


For better selection (and also for trail payment of Rs 18 to 25 to check its working )
1 .Like us at fb.me/ikorg
2 .Follow us on blog www.7iknowledge.blogspot.com
3 .Follow us on TWITTER www.twitter.com/rugadameghanath
4 .Register/Login into this website http://iknowledge.hpage.co.in/login.html & filling the following form is important https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFN0Y2dzcm5QeXFPR3FBMHFtZ2RreVE6MQ
5 .Join our mailing list through google group https://groups.google.com/group/college-buzz
6 .Add minimum 7 of your FB and gmail and twitter friends to our blog,fb page,twitter,and group,website (you can complete even later)
7 .Last but not least is having dedication to work and showing your posting,expressing,editing,typing,searching skills

Sample TASKs during Intern

Basic type
1.Creation of GMAIL ids
2.Adding friends to FB page
3.Adding students to blog,group,site and twitter
4.Finding out seminar topics of your branch
5.Finding out companies of your branch
6.And many more interesting and useful task for U and around you

Important type will be discussed through email if your apply for this position

  Fun Payment Methods ONLY if we like your work
1.Through mobile recharges from INTERNET or manual depending on your net work ranging from Rs 18 to 25
2.Or through SBI ATM transfer(this option will hold your payments of 4 or 5 tasks together and releases funds into your account)
3.Doing the tasks for free to help us support our education system
  We prefer 1st,we appreciate 3rd

As many days as you wish but 6weeks is good for completing the given tasks.We design tasks such a way that they can be completed in 30-40 Days.
And then you will be made a official team member of IKNOWLEDGE organisation which is going to be registered.

1.Do i get a certificate?
Ans:No we are not yet launched But once we launch with your interns we may provide you a certificate as team member of iknowledge IK-TM
2.How fast the fun payments will be?
Ans: It depends on how fast you complete a task perfectly
3.What if the guarentee that i will get the money?
Ans: for this the first payment will be made as soon as you complete the SEVEN steps mentioned to show you our commitment with us by completing one task.
4.How do i showcase my skills?
Ans: as soon as you complete the tasks your name will be showcased along with your work on our website,blog,fb,G+,buzz,twitter
5.How much can i gain?
Ans: Depending on your tasks completed and the skills you showed in completing along with meeting deadlines of tasks 
6.What do i get?
Ans: You will get lots of info during the intern which is with us and can access more organisation with the contacts we have.And we will provide you with info regarding website,interns,jobs,etc for free for the internees.

For queries drop a email at


or comment in


or call us at +91 7200490714


Apply for this opening at http://iknowledge.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0fg5?apply=true